*ALMOST* Cloth Diapering

The first decision I made as a mother, after deciding to have a baby, was to cloth diaper. I hated the idea of chemicals against their skin constantly, the amount of diapers and time they spend in a landfill is frightening, they’re cost effective, they’re even cute!
After doing some (well, a lot!) of research I decided to go with FuzziBunz cloth diapers. I put them on our registry, and that’s where they stayed. Cloth diapers are apparently not as fun to gift as cute outfits and toys. We slowly purchased the big necessity items thinking we’d get to the diapers eventually. Well, we didn’t.
Right before X was born I decided it was ok that we’d never gotten around to buying them. I’d decided on One Size diapers that we could adjust as he grows, so a newborn wouldn’t meet the 9lb weight requirement. We’d use all natural disposable diapers until he was big enough and then we’d buy our cloth diapers. He was 8lbs 7oz at birth. Haha
Fast forward to the stress filled, sleep deprived whirlwind of the first 2 months of a babies life. I was lucky if I managed to take a shower, never mind buying cloth diapers! Eventually things calmed down, or I got a better handle on things and I was able to revisit the world of cloth diapers.
I read a few newer reviews saying FuzziBunz weren’t as absorbent as they used to be, this planted a seed of doubt. I didn’t want to spend $300, be unhappy with my choice and end up going back to disposables any way. So I was back to square one and not sure what to do.
One day I was in Buy Buy Baby and they carry BumGenius cloth diapers. I bought 3 to try them out. I thought they were pretty good and worked them into my diapering routine as often as I could. Then FINALLY my local Target started carrying Charlie Banana diapers.
These had been my second choice to FuzziBunz in the beginning, but I couldn’t find them. I splurged and bought a box of six because the price equaled buying 5 and getting 1 free. I LOVE THEM! The adjustable elastic strap is really easy and much less hassle then I expected. They’re less bulky then BumGenius and the fleece inside is so soft. The fleece feels a little thin, so I’ll be interested to see how they hold up over time.
So now I have 6 cloth diapers that I use regularly. But X being the little pooper that he is, that’s obviously not enough to cloth diaper exclusively. I plan to buy more, when finances allow, but until then I *almost* cloth diaper. Sometimes is better then never!


4 thoughts on “*ALMOST* Cloth Diapering

  1. Have you looked into the Cloth Diaper Swap on Babycenter? I am expecting this fall with my first child, and have been scanning there for gently used diapers to add to a stash of new diapers. I also have put them on my registry but I heard people don’t care to buy them.


    • I didn’t realize babycenter had that, I’ll definitely check it out! Thank you 🙂 I’d love to trade my BumGenius since I don’t use those anymore and it’s a shame for them to go to waste.


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