Here We Go

Baby X has 3, yes count them 3, teeth coming in. Go big or go home I suppose! Today also marks his 4 month birthday which of course means a check up and immunizations. Add a 22 hour drive to our horizon and you’ve got what will be the most difficult 2 days of X’s life so far.
Luckily we have family in Baltimore which is exactly halfway, so we’ll be making a pit stop and breaking the drive into 2 days. Thank goodness because with a car full of stuff and a dog and a cat, I’m not sure we’d make it in one piece otherwise!
In positive happenings we’ll get too meet X’s cousin baby M who is just 2 weeks old! I’m excited for him to meet another baby now that he’s more aware of what’s going on. It should be fun for them to grow up so close in age. Every little boy needs a younger (even if only slightly) little girl to watch out for.
The last few weeks have been filled with stress, packing, running a million errands and not a lot of sleep; for any of us. I’m hoping once we get to Maine I can create a little more stability and routine for X then the last month has allowed. His momma thrives on routine and I’m pretty sure this little one does as well.
Wish us luck! I’ll be sure to post the many lessons learned from traveling with an infant.

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