Every parent dreads it, teething. Seeing our little ones in pain and not being able to stop it or even explain why it’s happening is heart breaking. Plus sleepless nights and fussy babies can be exhausting. X started early and has gone full force. His front 2 bottom teeth broke through at 4 months. His 4 front top teeth all cut at the same time around 6 months. He’s been a champ, he really has. But I discovered a few tips and tricks so far.
First of all, thank goodness for clove oil!! I made my own teething oil and it works so well.
3 drops clove oil
3 tablespoons coconut oil (or olive or grapeseed)
Mix well and try on your gums first. Straight clove oil burns and different brands may have different potency, so always try it on yourself first. I stored it in a little bottle and used a clean q-tip to apply it as needed. Clove has pain relieving and antiseptic properties. X realizes it helps and opens his mouth whenever I pick up the bottle.
Secondly, we used a Baltic Amber teething necklace. As your body warms the amber, it releases an oil that is calming and helps relieve pain. I purchased mine through Momma Bean Stalk and we love it. She does a beautiful job and knots between each piece of amber, so if it breaks you don’t loose the whole strand. It makes a HUGE difference. We misplaced it for a few days and I was ready to buy another.
Lastly I bought him this teether which is amazing. He uses it non stop when he’s cutting new teeth.
After learning about the dangers of oral numbing gels for babies I avoided any similar products. The FDA explains the dangers here. Also numbing agents can be swallowed, numbing the throat and potentially causing choking and breathing issues. Not worth the risk in my book.


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