Baby Picasso: Experimenting with Edible Paint

Art and creativity is something that I hold very dear. It’s been an important part of me for as long as I can remember. It’s important to me that my children are exposed to art and are allowed to express themselves creatively at a very young age. Baby X loves to squish things between his fingers and smear food all over his high chair tray, so I thought maybe finger painting would be enjoyable for him. My dilemma was that he’s still at the age where everything goes in his mouth. There is a huge difference between ‘non-toxic’ and ‘edible’ in my book, so store bought paint was out of the question. I also wanted something quick to prepare because he’s not super patient while I’m trying to accomplish something, even if it’s for him. So I made my own paint.
I mixed together white flour and water until it was a consistency I liked. Sorry, I didn’t measure. Then added a few drops of food coloring.

The colors actually came out a lot more vibrant then I’d expected! I put the “paint” in a microwave egg cooker, I wanted something that would be easy for X to get his hands into.

I bought a plastic table cloth and a roll of paper and set it all up outside. I dressed X in just a diaper (it was warm out) all in an attempt to make clean up as easy as possible.

He had a blast! He wore more paint then he put on the paper I think, but fun was the goal and that was certainly accomplished. A note on the edible “paint” – it dried and crumbled off the paper, so this won’t be hung on the fridge. I’m going to try a few more recipes and I’ll keep you updated. Amazingly enough he didn’t try to eat it. But I think I’ll still stick with edible paint for a while longer.


Clean up was a breeze. I brought a bucket of warm water and a wash cloth out and cleaned X up right outside. I rolled up the table cloth and threw it away, done! I’d planned on washing the table cloth and using it for another project, but it was a mess and only cost 60 cents, so the hassle of washing it wasn’t worth it. In the future I’ll invest in a thicker drop cloth and reuse it.


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