Sensory Bins for an (almost) 10 month old

Lately I’ve been providing X with sensory bins to play with. This is something I’ve been looking forward to doing for a while. The challenge is he still is putting things in his mouth, especially new things. So I’ve stuck to edible sensory play. So far we’ve explored oats and dry macaroni.

Primarily he enjoys picking it up and putting it on the floor, feeling it with his hands and mouth. He hasn’t really interacted with the tools I’ve provided with the sensory Medium. Honestly I think he won’t start using the tools until the medium becomes familiar. At this point it’s new and exciting all on its own! Here is another situation where I need rein in my enthusiasm and provide the same medium multiple times. Babies learn from repetition, so I’m sure there is much more to be learned from macaroni and oats in the future!

For Thanksgiving I made a veggie platter and purchased a disposable tray for transport. The clear lid has proven to be a great container for sensory play. I love that it’s clear and the sides are low, so it’s easy for X to access the medium. A conveniently perfect and unexpected find!

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