Montessori Inspired Toddler Art Area

Today I’d like to share with you the art space I’ve created for X.
We live in a small apartment. As much as I’d love to have an art room (for me and X!) we just don’t have that kind of space. BUT I was determined to work within the space we do have.
I love art. I love viewing it, sharing it, talking about it and most of all CREATING it! I love crafting as well (I’m no snob). I’ve been looking forward to creating keepsake crafts with X since before he was born. He’s now starting to take more of an interest. We’ve dabbled here and there (like my post for edible infant finger paints) but it rarely held his attention for long. He’s had crayons and paper on his shelves for months and had very little interest.
Recently things have changed. He uses his crayon and play-dough trays multiple times a day now! It was time to set up a creative space where artistic play could be readily available. I think it’s important for children to view and be surrounded by beautiful things. I framed two “mommy and baby” animal prints and hung them at his eye level. I repurposed an old coffee table that is just the right height for him to work at while standing (he prefers to stand during most of his art and montessori activities). There is a shelving unit to the left to store more supplies in the future. This is positioned on one wall in our living room.
I really feel that it’s important to incorporate child friendly areas to all parts of our home. After all, he’s 1/3 of our homes inhabitants! I really look forward to sharing more of X’s special areas with you soon!


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