Fruit Matching

Today we’re going to try a matching activity. X is beginning to recognize similarities in items. He’s been working on (and improving at) his shape sorting and shapes puzzles. So today I thought we might try a little matching. I’m using some small fruit cards that I bought on at JoAnn’s. I originally purchased these (and a set of vegetable cards as well) to hang near X’s snack table. They give him something to look at while he’s eating and have proven to be a great language tool as well. He points to each and wants us to say the name of the fruit or vegetable. He also immediately identified the ones he was already familiar with (carrots, apples and bananas). I hung one of each on the wall by his table, but the sets came with 4 of each. I packed them away, knowing someday I would come up with another use for them.

Today is that day! We’re going to start with just 2 items. I chose two fruits that X is most familiar with (apple and banana). Hopefully his prior familiarity and knowledge of the cards will help him understand the matching. As with most of our activities I will be presenting it on a tray, Montessori style. Also sticking with Montessori concepts I will be demonstrating the process of matching for him and then letting him take a try. Hopefully where he is already familiar with the cards, he will be able to focus on the activity as opposed to exploring the material. Once he’s mastered matching two types of cards I’ll add in additional cards to increase the difficulty.

I’ll be posting back with how it went and some pictures šŸ™‚

So! We tried it out. X immediately ran and tried to stick them to the wall next to his snack table… That’s matching, right?!? Lol he didn’t quiet understand the matching part. But we got some nice language review in. I’ll leave them on his shelf in case he shows interest. New concepts can often take multiple introductions to understand. That’s what learning is about!

Also lately we’ve been having a blast with our water table that we brought inside to house our sensory play. We live in the South, so it’s far too hot most days to use our water table outside. Please stay tuned for a fun post about indoor water table activities!


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