Apple Picking! Sort of…

We’ve had a busy week! Here is a peak at one of the activities we’ve been doing.
I grew up in Maine. Every fall I would pick apples. I LOVE fall and apples and apple flavored things (and don’t even get me started on pumpkin!). I enjoy the cool crisp air and the beautiful colors.
We live in Georgia. It’s 95 degrees out today and I don’t think there’s a single apple tree in the entire state. But that doesn’t mean we couldn’t celebrate the coming of fall with one of my favorite activities!
I try to be frugal with our activities. Staying home to be with X makes us a one income family and that’s not always (or ever) easy. I constructed the tree out of tinfoil, some rubber bands and an empty box. You could certainly purchase a small wire tree, or be creative with what supplies you have on hand. The apples are tissue paper, pipe cleaners and string. I would have preferred brown pipe cleaners, but red is what I had. I was trying to construct the whole activity without buying anything. Some glue (probably hot glue would work best) would have been really helpful in keeping the pipe cleaners attached, but I just retied them if they broke and it worked out fine.
X really enjoyed this activity. It was great dexterity and fine motor work.


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