Fall Cleaning- Organizing- Decluttering

First of all, I’m sorry I haven’t been as active lately. I’ve been exhausted and we’ve been busy *insert list of excuses here*.

But I’m here now, and happy to be.

Fall cleaning, is that a thing? Maybe I should live in Australia because I’m doing spring cleaning at the wrong time of the year. Or is it? Why wouldn’t we want to organize and clean our homes going into the season where we spend the most time inside (winter)?

It’s amazing how stuff can really weigh you down. I’ve always been a collector. But maybe I’m growing out of that. All of the time, money and effort that goes into acquiring and maintaining STUFF. It feels like such a waste. And the clutter around my house drives me crazy. I watched a really inspiring documentary about the “tiny house” movement. The overwhelming message I got from it was we only have so much time. Why spend it working at a job you hate to acquire houses and stuff that you don’t have time to enjoy because you’re always working? I’d much rather spend time with my family. My husband works really really hard and just maybe, someday, he can relax and spend more time with us. If we get less stuff now, and save more money. If we truly think about each purchase. If we invest in quality that will last. If OUR American dream is to have less debt, more peace of mind and spend more time together. So here is the beginning of the road for me.

Honestly our apartment has been driving me crazy for a while, since we moved in I think. X and I arrived here a few weeks before my husband returned from deployment. I unpacked what I could, but that wasn’t much. Then he got home and who wants to unpack when you haven’t seen each other for almost a year?!? Not us, apparently. Honestly for the first 3 months our living room was a labyrinth of boxes and most of our furniture was still in storage. X and I spent most of our days outside. Eventually we did get our furniture out of storage and looked through all of the boxes. a LOT of which went back in storage. We moved from a 4 bedroom house to a 2 bedroom apartment and all of our stuff sat in storage for a year while X and I lived with family. Most of our stuff wouldn’t fit in this apartment. A lot of it I didn’t pack myself and I haven’t seen it for a year. I was not up for the task of truly sorting through everything and getting rid of what we didn’t need. So we pay for a storage unit of crap we haven’t touched in a year and a half. Some day I will tackle the storage unit. But first I needed to beat our home into submission. I needed to tame the clutter. Our house is clean- I spend hours a day, cleaning. But X is a very active toddler who only sometimes likes to pick up his toys and my husband cleans up after himself less then my toddler does. Add to that the sediment of stuff that doesn’t have a home and just piles up in random places, and Houston, we have a problem.

First I needed to organize X’s toy closet. I rotate his toys and have lots of arts and crafts supplies that just kind of exploded all over the largest closet in our apartment. Once organized I had room to work with!

Second I packed away things we don’t use. A printer that may not work, and extra computer monitor, the toaster we never use… The list goes on. Once those were gone I eliminated or repurposed the furniture that stuff was siting on. Less open surfaces mean less area to collect clutter, right? I hope so! Maybe if my husband doesn’t have anywhere to put random things and trash down, he won’t? A woman can hope.

Then all the existing clutter needed to find a home. Honestly there is a box in the closet of stuff we don’t use regularly but I didn’t want to throw out or give away. I will deal with this at a later date. Honestly I just need a clean, clutter free environment so my brain can unclutter a little as well.

I’ve made some great progress. I need a few storage and container items to help organize and I need to truly tackle all of the stuff in storage and that’s stored away in closets. But one step at a time.

How much less time would I spend cleaning if I didn’t have to move all the clutter around to do it? What would it feel like to not apologize about my house being a mess every time someone comes over? X gets the blame for the house being messy. But honestly his toys are really organized. It’s the clutter that makes our home appear messy. And I would much rather be spending time with him and my husband then sorting and moving and dusting and cleaning STUFF. Plus moving is a part of being a military family. Do we really want to pack and move and deal with a bunch of stuff we don’t need? NOPE.  So here’s to a new leaf (but really less ‘new’ anything!)

How do you cut down on clutter and keep your home organized?

2 thoughts on “Fall Cleaning- Organizing- Decluttering

  1. I love your style of writing – very entertaining! 🙂
    And I am right there with you on decluttering and organizing. I have a few posts on living with less stuff, if you’re interested. Here’s the first: http://atlantamomofthree.net/2012/11/28/tms-minimizing/ It’s really something how much calmer I feel when I keep our “things” to a minimum!
    I have followed your blog and look forward to more posts from you. 🙂


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