Snow Dough!

So we’re trying to do something winter or Christmas related every day from December 1st to the 25th. Honestly we’ve been pretty successful! I’ve got a few posts I need to get up! The first we were actually traveling back from thanksgiving in Florida, but we’ve done something every day since!
This afternoon we’re going to do a little “snow” play. I grew up in Maine and snow was a huge part of the holiday season for me. We now live in Georgia, honestly I can’t complain. I love going to the playground in December or doing a walking tour of Christmas lights and NOT freezing my butt of. But I feel bad X won’t get a chance to build a snowman. SO I’m bringing the snowman inside!
This is similar to playdough (which you all know we LOVE around here) but with a few twists. The change in ingredients gives it a beautiful pure white color, just like fresh snow! Here’s the recipe:
-2 cups Baking Soda
-1 cup Cornstarch
-1.5 cups Water
Peppermint essential oil
Glitter paint

Now, combine the baking soda, cornstarch and water.
Heat, stirring, until it’s the consistency of slightly dry mashed potatoes. At first it seems like it will never happen, but it does, I promise!
Plop it out on a cutting board or the counter and let cool. I knead it every couple of minutes or it gets kinda dry and crusty on top.
Once it’s cool enough to handle, knead in a few drops of peppermint oil and a decent squirt of glitter paint. Knead until both are thoroughly incorporated. These are optional, but fun and add to the sensory experience. You could also use dry glitter, but I didn’t have any. My glitter was more of a shimmer, you can’t see it in the picture unfortunately, but it’s there!
I will present it with our normal playdough tools as well as a few seasonal additions (googly eyes, snowflakes, red Pom poms and cookie cutters!) feel free to add in any other seasonal items you have around (large sequins would be fun!)
What seasonal crafts have you been doing this year?


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