What You Gain From Letting Go

I can be a little bit of a control freak.

Particularly when it comes to decorations and holidays. I have a very set idea of how I want things to look, the end result, how the event should play out… I want everything to be perfect.

My husband will be deploying soon and this is the first Christmas that X will actually remember. These two components amplified my desier for everything to be perfect. But thankfully I had a realization- I needed a new perspective. What is the end goal of my desire to make everything perfect? Great memories. Do you know what doesn’t make great memories? Me saying “no”, not letting X participate because he’s too young to do it
“correctly”, me being stressed out and grumpy… None of those things equals happy memories.

So this year I decided to let go. I decided to say YES whenever possible, I decided to make this holiday about fun and time together and memories and learning.

I love white lights- X wanted colored. Our Christmas tree and the outside of our house(by his request) are covered in bright, fun, toddler smile inducing colored lights.
I love perfectly placed, beautiful, glass ornaments- Our tree is covered in wooden snowflakes (all clumped in the lower right hand corner of the tree), pinecones covered in glitter that we collected and decorated together and whatever else my almost 3 year old decided to stick in the tree.
The stockings are all hung on one hook and are regularly found all over the house.
The gingerbread houses are covered in gobs of frosting and most of the candies have been picked off and consumed.

I couldn’t be happier. X has had a blast. He has been able to participate, handle and make decisions on everything we’ve done this holiday season. He’s practiced decision making. He’s imagined and seen those dreams executed.
And I’ve had one of the most heart warming, stress free holidays I can remember.

I let go of the control and I gained so much more.

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