Annnnd We’re Back!

Well hello there! Sorry for the lengthy break. We were spending lots of time with Dada before he left and then settling in to a family rhythm without him here.
Here’s a quick look at what we’ve been working on. A recap of the past few weeks and then soon I’ll be posting some more specific fun! I’ve got posts in the works on our new preschool plan, how we’re Montessori and Waldorf inspired, family rhythms, morning routines, all kinds of good stuff!
Our Montessori materials came and we were so excited!


X couldn’t even wait for me to get every thing unpacked before he dove right in!


We also purchased a Spielgaben set which we’ve been working with a lot.


I’ve got lots more to say on what materials I decided on and why I chose them, so stay tuned.


Practical Life activities are so important for preschool age kiddos, and they’re so easy to fit in since we do many of them every day!


So there’s my sneak peak! I can’t wait to share in more detail soon. So stay tuned!


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