Sensory Baby Play

It’s so easy for babies to get lost in the shuffle of every day life. Between hitting the playground and reading books with a preschooler, cleaning, cooking, errands… life gets crazy. Especially during these solo parenting days. That’s why I make a decided effort every day to do at least one thing that is special for Little Squish. Don’t get me wrong, playing on the floor, exploring outside and giggling with his brother are all very beneficial, but he doesn’t get the undivided, one on one attention his brother got. So at least once a day I make it happen.
A nice massage, baby yoga or sensory play are my go to’s. Today was a sensory play kind of day, and boy did he have a blast. A bin of water and a variety of toys that sink and float. It took seconds to put together and it was such a valuable experience!


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