A to Zoo Animals!

We are so excited to be working with Mother Goose Time! Our June theme is A to Zoo Animals, which is perfect timing for us. X has been really interested in letters lately and animals are always a hit around here. I’ve thought about introducing letters before now, but he had a hard time telling the different letters apart. This was a big sign to me that he wasn’t ready. I feel it’s really important to wait until he’s ready before introducing concepts. It saves on so much frustration for both of us.
My enthusiasm for this unit has really showed in how many extra activities I’ve added. We love carrying our learning themes into our play and skills work. Mother Goose Time really provides the flexibility I need. I can stretch one day’s lessons over a week, skip days, or stay right on track. The letter A took us 2 days to complete. We will take 2 days (or more) with each letter. The extra time will reinforce the letter recognition and give us a chance to learn a little bit more about each of the animals. (I’m considering taking an entire week for B as the birds theme has so many possibilities.)
This is our setup for each letter. I collected all of our figures, magnets, flash cards and reusable stickers that feature the animals and letters we’ll be learning about. They will be presented with the theme poster and the daily posters. X was really drawn to the setup on the table right away.


Day 1 suggested creating a zoo for children to play with. I took this a step further. X used our play silks to create a zoo with a variety of different habitats. We’ll be adding animals to our zoo as we learn about them and leaving the zoo set up for the whole month. X loved adding his alligators to the habitat and asked about what he (the zookeeper) should feed them. This was a great segway into further discussion about these fascinating animals.



X really enjoyed the activities for Alligator. He particularly loved the puppet and building an alligator nest. I loved that he got a chance to work on cutting skills, fine motor and number recognition!



He made a really big nest with lots of layers to keep the eggs safe and warm.


We’ve been reading our bird books from the library all week and are excited to see what Mother Goose Time has for us to do tomorrow!

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