Daily Themes for Preschool

Every morning after breakfast X rushes into the school room to check our Daily Theme Poster. He excitedly starts chattering about his knowledge on that days theme and spewing questions about it as well. It’s really an exciting start to our school time. It is a such a simple yet useful tool. The large picture makes our theme for the day very clear, even for a child who can’t read.


Working within a theme really sparks X’s curiosity and gets him thinking. If his questions and ideas slow, then my MGT Teacher Guide is right there to provide me with an opening discussion question and closing reflection questions. But it doesn’t stop there, theme related questions are provided for each activity (and don’t worry, answers are provide also!).


During C is for Camel, we were prompted to discuss what kinds of items camels could carry for humans and how HELPFUL that is. We also brainstormed ways X is helpful around the house. He was so proud to receive his Friendly Bee Badge and has spent the following days thinking of ways he can help me. Learning about the world and letters and numbers is important, but our little people are still learning (and will continue to learn for a very long time) how to function in society and what is expected of them. I love that MGT incorporates values right in to the curriculum!
Presenting concepts in a variety of ways is so important in helping children learn. It provided repetition without being boring. Not all children learn the same; what works for some, doesn’t for others- so offering a variety of ways to learn a topic helps ensure success. Theme based learning really facilitates this, and best of all, it keeps things EXCITING! I’m so thankful to have MGT to give our days and our learning direction, creativity and fun. I’m also VERY thankful that we get all of that with very little setup effort on my part- but that’s another post!
What would you like me to share about our MGT experience??


I received this month’s Mother Goose Time curriculum free of charge in exchange for sharing our experience and my opinions. All content and opinions are 100% mine and truly honest.

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