Preschool Reading

We’ve had a busy couple of weeks, so this weekend we slowed down a little bit. We still did our fun projects and games with MGT, but while sitting at the dining room table. We also incorporated more advanced reading.
We started with this amazing interpretation of The Odyssey.


It simplifies Odysseus’ adventures for younger readers to understand. The language is rich and vibrant. Every page is beautifully illustrated. The illustrations really help X understand what’s going on in the story. We take it slow, one short chapter or two a day and talk about what we read. When we pick it up the next day we review what we’d previously read.
The second book we’ve started working on is The Barefoot Book of Classic Poems.


This is such an approachable introduction to poetry. All of the chosen poems are about adventures or being a child, very relatable for young children. It presents classic poets such as Emily Dickinson, E.E.Cummings, Yeats, Poe, Shakespeare and many many more. I appreciate the blend of sophistication with topics that interest kids. Each poem is beautifully illustrated which helps so much with comprehension. We’ve been reading a few poems a day and briefly talking about what they mean. We keep our conversations brief. My goal is for X to really enjoy this time and for him to be exposed to new language and ideas.
What is your family reading this week?

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