2 Ingredient Ice Cream. NO MACHINE REQUIRED!

Happy National Ice Cream Day!

In celebration I decided to whip up a quick and easy ice cream recipe that X could help with. We don’t have an ice cream maker, but this recipe doesn’t use one! Even better, it only requires 2 ingredients. Excited?? Here we go!

Take 2 cups Heavy Whipping Cream and whisk until medium peaks. Don’t whisk it too much or you’ll get butter. Just to a good solid whipped cream consistency.

Add 14 Oz Sweetened Condensed Milk and whisk to incorporate. At this point you can be done. Or you you can add some flavor! We did 1 tbsp Pure Vanilla Extract and 1 tbsp Cinnamon, just for fun. I’m going to make a blueberry sauce to top it, so I didn’t go too crazy. But you can really get creative.

Espresso powder and cocoa powder for a mocha flavor.
Melted peanut butter.

Mint extract and chocolate chips.

Whatever you love.

Spread it into a freezer safe container.

Freeze for 6 hours.

And don’t forget to lick the beaters!


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