Homeschool Room Setup using Mother Goose Time Preschool Curriculum

For most, September brings on the beginning of a new school year. Being a homeschool family, we learn all year round. BUT September does bring a new circle time setup and any improvements that Mother Goose Time has implemented for the coming year. This also tends to be the perfect time to clean, rearrange, redecorate and reevaluate our homeschool space. When my box for September arrived, I was so excited to get started!! 

One of the additions to our Mother Goose Time curriculum is a daily “Invitation to Create”. This is a Reggio inspired activity that really helps blossom children’s creativity. I’m so excited they decided to include this for the new year! We have always taken a Montessori/Reggio approach to learning, so this fits so well into our learning style.

This also inspired me to clean off our shelving and use it for activities that X can enjoy all month long and include a space for our daily Inspiration. This not only makes the room much more “montessori” but also forced me to clear away a lot of the clutter. While I think our learning space should be joyous and inspirational, I also think keeping it tidy helps X focus. I’m not as good at staying on top of that as I’d like to be.

So I looked through September’s curriculum and pulled out the items I think he’ll enjoy using over and over.

Starting at the top left- you see our first days Inspiration to Create, followed by our story book of the month and matching puzzle, our phonics cube and our cd player and cds. The second shelf (starting on the left) is one of our manipulatives for this month (a really neat set of magnets), playdough with tools and our letters of the month cookie cutters, circle (shape of the month) stamp with pad and paper, and the circle montessori inset with paper. Bottom shelf is our 2nd manipulative for the month (family stamps) with pad and paper, and a few number puzzles with our featured numbers of the month (1, 10 and 11).

Next I setup our circle time wall with the fun new pieces we recieved.

I moved our weather area below our calendar and added a dry erase board for X to use the magnet set on.

Finally I hung our monthly topic poster and the fun nursery rhyme poster over by our work table. That area also contains our MGT world map.

Mother Goose Time continues to impress me with the quality and quantity of items I recieve. All of the beautiful posters and graphics come with the Getting Started kit. And don’t worry, if you’re hopping on board during a month other then September, they include the Getting Started kit with your first order. Also, if you don’t have a whole room dedicated to homeschooling, that’s not a problem. The Circle Time pieces are designed to be used with a tri-fold poster board (like you used for science fair in high school). The Getting Started Guide includes directions for setting it up on the portable board!

X and I are so excited to get started!!

I received this month’s Mother Goose Time curriculum free of charge in exchange for sharing our experience and my opinions. All content and opinions are 100% mine and truly honest.

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