Preschool Planning for Success

Over the summer we kept very busy. We were lucky enough to have our Mother Goose Time curriculum which is so flexible that I could squeeze in some school whenever we got a chance. It really helped that X loves it so much and begs to “do school” every day. But with the start of fall and the beginning of a new school season, I wanted to get a little more organized. X is learning his letters and gobbling up knowledge as quickly as I can give it to him, so now is the perfect time to put a little more structure into our school time. With games, Art projects, science experiments, gross motor activities and more MGT doesn’t feel like school in a traditional setting. X is learning loads and having so much fun while doing it. Giving myself an opportunity to plan will help us complete more (hopefully all) of our MGT activities and some additional activities that go along with the monthly theme.

The activities that I want to work into or days include:

A chapter book for us to read together that matches MGT’s monthly theme. X LOVES reading chapter books together, so I think matching our books to the themes we’re doing with school, will be great.

Daily letter activities. X is enthusiastically learning his letters, and I’d like to facilitate that as best I can. MGT introduces 3 letters a month. In addition to the letter activities in the curriculum I’m expanding to include a letter activity every day. That repetitious exposure will help him remember the letters. Luckily X loves workbooks!

Monthly field trip. Again, expanding on our monthly theme, I want to get out into our community at least once a month to a place that is on theme. Learning doesn’t only happen at home and I think this is a great opportunity to explore some new places.

Cutting and pasting activitites. What 3 year old doesn’t love scissors and glue? Directed activities will have me ready when he asks to use them and will help him build his skills.

Monthly sensory bin. We love sensory play around here! Q is finally old enough to participate also. But with my husband deployed, I haven’t been the best at executing these ativities. So by planning ahead and using our monthly themes as inspiration, I hope we’ll be doing a lot more of it!

To get myself organized, I found a helpful teacher planner in the $3 bin at Target. 

I love any excuse for new notebooks and this is a great way for me to keep track and plan everything out.

First I checked the MGT website for each of the monthly themes and wrote those in. Then I wrote in the letters, numbers and shape that we’d be learning each month. This gave me a great quick reference point for marking my workbooks. MGT doesn’t follow the A-Z format for learning letters. By skipping around it gives the opportunity for our preschoolers to start working on site words. My workbooks, however, do follow the A-Z format. I went through and marked each letter with its corresponding month so I can quickly find the pages we need. With 2 kids on my own, anything I can do to make things go more efficently, I will! This also gives me an opportunity to evenly split the critical thinking pages and such up over the months.

From there I started brainstorming books, field trips, sensory bins and other activities that fit within that months theme.

We started our September box early; back in August. We’ve been lucky enough to have Dada home for a visit for a few weeks. So we completed the first 2 weeks of September’s box before he arrived. Once he leaves, we’ll have just enough time to finish up Me and My Family by the end of September. This (thankfully) also gave me extra time to get everything planned out. Come October we will hopefully be implamenting all of our theme based activities!

I received this month’s Mother Goose Time curriculum free of charge in exchange for sharing our experience and my opinions. All content and opinions are 100% mine and truly honest.

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