Building Attention Span

My husband has ADHD. Infuriating, irritating and sometimes comical ADHD. It has taken a long time for me to learn how to cope with his ADHD. You would think it would something just the individual would have to struggle with, but it’s honestly something that effects the entire family. We’ve figured out so many great ways to keep us both in check (him remembering and completing tasks and me not flying off the handle about the more challenging aspects).

Knowing this about him inspired me to do a lot of research on how to possibly prevent it. We both would prefer our children not struggle with the things he does or other people do with attention conditions. 

One of the big factors is building attention span. I view attention span in children like a muscle. You wouldn’t expect someone to run a 5k without training, I wouldn’t expect a child to sit through a whole book without working up to it.

This is something I’ve been working on with X and Q their entire lives. But its never too late to start. I’m always looking for new activities that can help stretch that attention span muscle. I find Mother Goose Time provides such a great variety of activities that there are at least a couple of projects each week that really captivate him. I appreciate the plethora of engaging activities because even I can’t always predict which ones he’ll become ingrossed in. There are a few that are frequently hits, though. 

The games. There is at least one game each month and these seem to be at the perfect level for X. Challenging, but not frustrating and definitely fun. Most of the games we play a handful of times in a row and revisit through out the month. He’s loved everything from Bingo to Domino’s and the fact that they correspond with that months theme, makes them even more unique.

Next up, the Invitations to Create. He generally loves these process art based activities. Once I let go of wanting there to be a finished product, he’s really built his creativity within these projects. It gives him a chance to experiment with different mediums and ideas. Best of all, there’s one almost every day. If he’s not that engaged one day, chances are he will be the next.

The Recipe and Science cards are always a huge hit with him. I love that they help me remember to get him in the kitchen. Sensory experience, measuring, following a recipe and ending the task with a treat… who wouldn’t be engaged!

We also read. We read a LOT. Picure books, early readers and chapter books… we read them ALL! MGT provides a GREAT monthly reading list. There is one book suggested for each day. We get our monthly Mother Goose Time books from the library. I request them on our local libraries webpage and I just have to go in and pick them up. So easy! 

I also find puzzles to be a great attention span builder. This year MGT provides a great cardboard puzzle every month.

What do your kids really focus on?

I received this month’s Mother Goose Time curriculum free of charge in exchange for sharing our experience and my opinions. All content and opinions are 100% mine and truly honest.

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