Preschool Math Activities

We are only 3 days into Down on the Farm with Mother Goose Time and we’ve already had two amazing math activities. I love activities that integrate different skills. I really feel like incorporating a variety of skills around one topic helps kid truly learn. I’ve always been a doodler. People thought I was distracted, but keeping my hands busy helped me focus and retain. So if I can keep X’s hands busy, use his senses AND work on a skill like math, I’m a happy mama!

Our first activity involved drawing 2 chicken cards, each with a number on them. X had to decide which number was bigger, then he used tweezers to put that many “eggs” (Pom poms) into the nest. He was working on number recognition, quantification, fine motor and had a great sensory element with the Pom poms. Not only that, but this activity is so versitile! If your kiddo isn’t ready for greater then or less then, have them draw one card. If your kid is more advances, have them add (or subtract) the two numbers. SO many possibilities! X really enjoyed this. He spent a long time working on this and has asked for it every day since.

Our next outstanding math activity involved 3 paper bags, some cotton balls and dice. X rolled the dice for each bag and placed that many “balls of wool” (we were learning about sheep, so the cotton balls represented wool) into the bag. Then he would try to recall which bag had the most. After he made his guess, we’d dump out each of the bags and count how many were in there. 

X loves dice, so I knew this would be a hit from the start. Also it was paired with Ba Ba Black Sheep, so there was a fun musical element. X loved deciding which bag he would keep, which would go to the farmer and which would go to his wife. He also loved the texture of the cotton balls. I loved how he need to use his memory!

I love all of the great activities MGT brings to us each month. I love watching X blossom as he learns while he plays.

I received this month’s Mother Goose Time curriculum free of charge in exchange for sharing our experience and my opinions. All content and opinions are 100% mine and truly honest.


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