Letters, Sight Words and Early Reading

X has been enthusiastically gobbling up anything and everything having to do with letters and reading. While we’re driving or shopping he’s constantly pointing out letters he recognizes and asking what things say. He has really entered in to a sensitive period for letters. Thankfully I have Mother Goose Time to provide us with a huge variety of letter and reading activities.

X really loves the I Can Read books that come each month with the curriculum. Each focuses on three new sight words. X uses these pointers with the included book and many of our own books to help find the words he’s learning. 

Also included are word tiles for each of the featured words. As he learns more words he can start writing sentences! Also included are some great object tiles to work into the sentences. We may not be learning how “barn” is spelled, but he can use it in his sentence by using the barn picture tile. 

Writing skills and control often emerge after mastery of sight words. These tiles make it possible for X to start building sentences before he has the stamina to write them out. I love the opportunities these provide!

X is still primarily focusing on learning all of his letters, but it’s never too early to expose him to the components of reading and writing. Activities like these are helping him understand that letters make up the words we read and that each has its own sound. It builds a bridge for him to understand that they’re not just shapes, they’re pieces of a literary puzzle.

I am so impressed with the multiple levels that MGT provides. In addition to these advanced reading activities there are many activities surrounding learning letters and sounds. Building letters with manipulatives, tracing them in dirt or sand, games to help identify letters and our awesome letter cookie cutters are just a few of the many literary opportunities that are included every month. If X is struggling with a certain activity, I know I will have plenty more opportunities to introduce the same concept in a different way. 

I received this month’s Mother Goose Time curriculum free of charge in exchange for sharing our experience and my opinions. All content and opinions are 100% mine and truly honest.

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