Intentional Learning Time with Mother Goose Time

I feel like we’ve been perpetually busy for the last 2 months, and with more holidays coming up, I don’t see that changing anytime soon. We work learning into every day life, but I also try to be intentional with our learning. Thankfully we have Mother Goose Time to help make fitting intentional learning into our busy schedule a LOT easier.

The other day we had a little bit of time between nap and dinner and I knew it was a perfect chance to squeeze in some MGT. But I also knew that I needed activities that could be mostly independent because Q was awake and I was working on dinner prep. I grabbed my Teacher’s Guide and flipped through. 

The Teacher’s Guide makes it really easy to judge which activities involve my full attention. I normally love being really involved while we do school, but that wasn’t going to work for the time we had. I also can check with a quick glance to see if I need to provide any materials for the projects. I hadn’t planned this school time ahead, so I needed a day where all of the materials were included.

Day 5: Bus Driver had everything I needed. X and I read this month’s included story book together. Bella and the Umbrella was a cute story about responsibility, mistakes and being honest. This gave us a good chance to connect. We read it together and talked about the story. Once we did an activity together, I knew he’d be willing to work on his own.

I also know that he loves building with blocks and he loves any excuse to use tape- My Little Bus was going to be a big hit and would keep him working on his own for quite some time.

Boy was I right! He loved constructing the bus himself. He loved building all of the bus stops. He even added his own gross motor activity by jumping over his bus stops on the way back to get more blocks! 

Finally Matching Buses was a great game he could work on himself while I got dinner ready and added in a little dose of mathematical concepts to round out his learning for the day.

This is a great example of 3 of the reasons I love Mother Goose Time.

Flexibility- I didn’t have to do the first day of the month. I was able to choose a day that worked best for us.

Variety- There are so many different activities and differing rhythms for the days. It really is easy to find a day that fits whatever you have time for. Some we spend hours working on. Other days can be done as quickly as 45 minutes to complete all 4 activities. All of them are fun and educational!

Convienent- This day took no planning and no prep. I was able to quickly flip through the Teacher Guide to find what we needed and pull out the corresponding bag for that day. it took me a few moments to cut apart the cards for the matching game, but that was it. so quick!

This chunk of time could have been spent with X getting into things or being under my feet. I could have been frustrated and stressed out. Instead X had a blast, learned a lot and wasn’t under my feet while I was trying to cook! It was definitely a win for both of us!

I received this month’s Mother Goose Time curriculum free of charge in exchange for sharing our experience and my opinions. All content and opinions are 100% mine and truly honest.

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