Walk Like a Mailman!

This morning was a bit of a struggle around here. my kiddos were ANTSY! I’d planned on us staying home today since we had a busy week, so I needed to think of something to help these guys get their wiggles out! 

Luckily I knew our Dance ‘N Beats from Mother Goose Time would do just that. I had planned on doing some fun Post Office activities this morning as well, so we could do some fun gross motor work and use it as introduction for the rest of our activities!

Once we got warmed up, we moved on to dancing like a mailman!

They both really got grooving! Q loved the stamping motion and clapped along with the rhythm.

Once all the wiggles and giggles had been danced out, we were ready to focus on some Mailman fun! The post office theme is a popular one around here, so we had a wooden mailbox and a Mailman vest to use in addition to the provided materials from MGT. X loved “sewing” his own mail bag and I loved the great fine motor work it was for him to lace the yarn through all of the holes.

Next up was delivering mail! we were provided with images of 4 different community locations that would get mail. a firehouse, school, cafe and hospital. Each of the provided postcards had an image on the front that corresponded with one of the locations. These varied in difficulty from the picture on the postcard being exactly like an item in the location picture to having some assumed knowledge about the location. 

For example, the orange cat on the postcard was the same orange cat that was sitting on the roof of the school. This provided an eye spy element to the activity and really focused on observation. 
Additionally, one postcard had a teacher reading a story. There was no teacher pictured at the school, but X could use his reasoning skills to figure out what location the reading teacher corresponded with.

I LOVE this activity. He was really thinking, reasoning and observing! He focused really hard to make sure he was choosing the best location for each postcard. Add in the gross motor aspect of walking from location to location, and this was such a winner!

Even Q got to work on some fine motor development using the mailbox while his big brother was delivering the mail!

What do you do when your kids are really antsy? Do you have some tried and true activities for when going outside to play isn’t an option?

I received this month’s Mother Goose Time curriculum free of charge in exchange for sharing our experience and my opinions. All content and opinions are 100% mine and truly honest.

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