Early Math Concepts

Early math skills are so important for building a strong learning foundation. luckily it’s easy to work these skills into every day play! Shapes, puzzles, matching and sorting are all concepts that preschool aged children are drawn to in play. With a little extra effort you can expose your young learners to even broader math concepts.

One of my favorite aspects of Mother Goose Time is the great math games and concepts they include every month. They plan so well to incorporate many different math skills, which saves me so much time and effort!

Each month we recieve manipulatives that vary in color and often size or shape. X LOVES the manipulatives. They lend very naturally to building math concepts in play. Here is an example.

Our December Porridge day included math story cards. Each card contained a short story that introduced math concepts. There were 4 cards and they progressively got more difficult. For example card #1 said 3 bears were sitting at the table eating porridge. X counted out 3 bears and had a blast pretending they were eating. The second card said “5 bears are eating porridge. Two finished and left the table” so first he counted out the five bears. Then he took two away and we counted how many bears were left. As easy as that X was using subtraction! Painless, quick and even fun!! X enjoyed the stories, so after we finished the ones provided, I made up some more.

X wanted his bears to be sitting around tables, so he used some rectangles of paper from another activity.

After he finished with our math stories, X asked to free play with the manipulatives. He also requested the stacking cups (which also came with our December box) and the truck manipulatives from last month. He organized, matched, paired, sorted, used spatial recognition and even did patterns all while playing. That is so many math skills he didn’t even realize he was using!

Last month one of our activities including measuring. X particularly loved this activity. He’s always been really interested in rulers and tape measures. He was very excited to have a ruler of his own to use. He went around the house gathering items for us to measure. Then he estimated how long each item would be. 

He chose to use the story pieces from another activity to include in our measurements. This was a great opportunity to talk about height and also sort from shortest to tallest. X spent days carrying around his ruler measuring various things. This was also great for reinforcing number recognition!

Once a concept is introduced he tends to use it in his play over and over. This really helps him remember what we’ve learned! This just shows how much kids this age love to learn. They just do it naturally when given the tools.

I received this month’s Mother Goose Time curriculum free of charge in exchange for sharing our experience and my opinions. All content and opinions are 100% mine and truly honest.

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