X loves learning about animals, so this months Mother Goose Time theme (Baby Animals) is a really engaging one for him. It also has presented us with some topics to discuss that just hadn’t occurred to me (adoption, for example).

Today we were focusing on Marsupials. X already knew a lot about kangaroos and enjoyed learning about other animals that carry their babies in a pouch.

One of this month’s manipulatives were Pattern Blocks! So mucheck fun! We talked about the shapes and colors of each block as he searched through the pile to find the ones he needed to construct his marsupials. This exciting activity integrated the Math concepts of shape identification, sorting and using parts to create a whole (early fraction introduction) with Science by classifying organisms.

I appreciated that the templates were the same size as the pattern blocks. X was able to build on top of the picture without getting frusterated by differing sizes.

Next up was one of my favorite monthly features; our I Can Read book. X is a little ways away from actually being able to read on his own, but he loves words and books and enjoys finding the words with the pointers. I save all of our Sight Word Pointers, I Can Read books and the word and picture pieces. This is an activity that we revisit. Also, X will be able to read before he can write out sentences, so the word pieces and pictures will help him write stories of his own, earlier!

This was a really cute story that gave us an opportunity to incorporate some gross motor activities into our reading. It also taught us the names for a handful of baby animals! X didn’t know a baby deer was called a fawn. He kept commenting on how cute all the babies were.

To wrap up our marsupial focused day X got to make a pouch for his very own baby joey with our Make and Play activity. He practiced his scissor skills and pre-writing by coloring in the lines. Then he used his gross motor skills to hop around like a mama kangroo. He loves any opportunity for dramatic play!

I received this month’s Mother Goose Time curriculum free of charge in exchange for sharing our experience and my opinions. All content and opinions are 100% mine and truly honest.

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