Routine for Preschool Homeschool

With each new phase in our life I have to evaluate our routine, our rhythm. If we’re struggling or not accomplishing what I hoped, I know it’s time to take a look. Kids grow and change so quickly. When Q was an infant it was easy for us to do our Mother Goose Time while he napped. As he’s gotten older he’s switched to a single nap. This was leaving me struggling to find a place in our days for our activities. We were entering a new season and I needed to develop a new rhythm for us!

Our rhythm currently is as follows:
*the boys play in the livingroom while I make breakfast


*X and I work on our MGT activities while Q either colors, plays with play dough or participates to his own capacity.

*clean up, wash up, get dressed

*around 10 we have a playdate, errands, trip to the gym or story time at our local book shop (depending on the day)



*any continuation of activities we didn’t complete during the morning or if we’ve finished everything we read books, do art, etc. 

*outside play


*read books


As far as times are concerned, we are pretty flexible. Some days unexpected activities or errands pop up, but generally speaking that’s our day.

Splitting our activities into 2 different times does a few things for us.It gives us more time to expand on activities we really love. Getting out the door to story time or a playdate is one of the few set times in our day, which means we don’t always have an opportunity to finish all of the days activities. However, it also gives us a natural break if X is loosing focus, not feeling creative or otherwise struggling.

My entire goal for preschool is for learning to be fun and enjoyable. Im trying to build a passion and love gor learning. Sometimes if X is struggling with an activity, but it’s one I think he would otherwise really enjoy, we’ll put it up and try later. But sometimes I just let it go.

Also by doing fun, thoughtful, engaging and educational activities in the morning it “fills his emotional bucket”. He’s had my attention and used his brain. These are two important factors for his behavior the rest of the day. If our mornings are hurried or I’m trying clean while they play independently, we have a tendency to struggle through out the day. My children really need connection in the morning, despite what my to do list says. This is where MGT has been a huge help. Instead of trying to pre-plan activities or come up with a fun and engaging activity before I’ve had coffee, I can open our Daily Bag and the Teacher’s Guide and all of the planning is done for me. Thank goodness for that, because I’m pretty useless before coffee.

The Invitation to Create activities have been working wonderfully for us lately. These are so open ended that they give Q an opportunity to participate. He is equally as capable at 19 months to look at the Inspiration Photo and use the supplies as X is at almost 4. With a standard craft a certain result is expected, which doesn’t work for younger kids. The Invitations really let him be a part of our learning! Which keeps him busy, engaged and having an active role in our family rhythm.

He loves learning beside his brother. 

Working as a family on our MGT activities has really given X an opportunity to feel helpful and capable of teaching his brother. I often find him explaining activities, demonstrating how to use materials and helping Q create. X creates his own simple activities like using the animal cards to name animals or make animal sounds for Q. He now sews his brother as a capable learner and is excited to help teach him. This has extended to other areas of their relationship as well. They work together and help eachother so much more since Q started doing school with us! This was an unexpected development, but one I’m very thankful for! I think maybe X made a connection between me helping him and teaching him and now sees himself as capable of that with his brother.

I received this month’s Mother Goose Time curriculum free of charge in exchange for sharing our experience and my opinions. All content and opinions are 100% mine and truly honest.

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