Homeschooling with Multi-Age Children

Spring has sprung here in Georgia and it’s such a fitting time for the theme At The Pond from Mother Goose Time. This theme has been so fun so far!

This month also brings some firsts for us. This is the first month that we’ve been able to use our new homeschool setup and it’s the first month that Q has been able to do school alongside X. Also, this is the first time our friend S has been joining in as well. That means we have a 4, 3 and 20 month old group. Originally I thought this would be a big challenge, but it is working out so well!! 

Q is so happy to just be a part of what is going on. He is also very advanced with his fine motor skills and no longer puts things in his mouth, so he can participate in all the art projects and fine motor work.

He also loves books, so the daily book suggestions have served us very well! While reading the daily book it really gives me an opportunity to customize my questions for each child’s level. Q loves to find and point to the various animals on the pages. S is great at identifying the animals and is building his counting skills. X is able to make predictions about the story and also work on counting. With a little extra thought this has become a highlight of our school time and they’re gaining so much from listening and working together!

Q is very focused on fine motor work lately, so he’s been able to work on lacing or using the tweezers while I did the more advanced activities with the other two. He’s starting to learn to count and is usually content to just handle the materials used in activities that are beyond his level. I like that he’s still involved and listening to what they’re learning, but is working on something for his personal level.

Both S and X are very physical learners. They love the daily activities that include gross motor work. Especially after focusing on an art project, listening to a book and participating in discussion. I always end our time with these activities. Whether it’s dancing, crawling like a turtle or playing leap frog they are able to get out that energy!!

Q loves to copy the older boys and is more then happy to join in on these activities too! Especially dancing!

I received this month’s Mother Goose Time curriculum free of charge in exchange for sharing our experience and my opinions. All content and opinions are 100% mine and truly honest.

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