At the Pond with Mother Goose Time- Building Skills and Creating Appropriate Challenges for a Variety of Ages

We have been LOVING our At the Pond theme. X is so interested in creatures and plants, he has learned so much from this unit. I love how Mother Goose Time makes the themes accessible to a variety of ages. My 4 year old has learned the life cycle of a frog, about submergent plants, ecosystems, food chains and so much more. My 21 month old has learned to identify dragonflies, frogs, turtles and water striders. My 4 year old is working on phonics and learning all his letters as well as simple math. My 21 month old has started counting and pointing out letters. And this is not even including the fine motor development, artistic and creative expression and gross motor skills we work on with Mother Goose Time each month!

Here’s X working on a phonics game. Meanwhile Q was identifying the fish, frog and pig while saying “ribbit” and making the plastic frog jump. These activities are so well thought out. I’m so thankful I can do school with BOTH kids and have them both be learning and having fun.

This game was so cute! Both kids were drawn to the bright colors and cute racoon. This opened up a great dialogue for X and I about predators and how fish can use submergent plants to hide. I also appreciated the teaching prompts in my Teacher’s Guide- some days I am on point with our topic discussions, and some days I haven’t had quite enough coffee. Either way MGT provides awesome talking points and facts. I’ve found this month’s theme particularly rich with additional knowldege. 

X always looks forward to the puzzles. This month’s was a beautiful photo of cattails and a dragonfly. I love the fact that as the months have passed, the puzzles have gotten more challenging. This facilitates the progressive building of skills and makes sure the child is prepared AND challenged. This is so important with early learning. If things are too easy, they get bored. But if they’re too hard, it can get frusterating. Mother Goose Time provides the perfect balance between the two AND encourages developing skills over time.

This was by far the most challenging puzzle we’ve gotten from Mother Goose Time. It had more pieces then the others and the photo was a little less obvious. X was so proud when he completed it all on his own.

Our book for this month has beautiful photos and a variety of vocabulary building descriptive words. I love books like this. To make it even better it had a fact at the end about each creature featured. Many of the facts I didn’t even know before reading it!

I received this month’s Mother Goose Time curriculum free of charge in exchange for sharing our experience and my opinions. All content and opinions are 100% mine and truly honest.

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