Elevated Learning with Mother Goose Time

When you homeschool some days your kiddo (or yourself) are less then excited about the lessons and some days everything clicks and you have so much fun! Luckily MGT provides such a wide range of engaging activities that we have way more “click” days then not, but today was above and beyond.

X was so into learning about different kinds of bird feet! We had a great discussion on what different features on a birds feet could help them do. I loved the poster of different types of feet that came in our daily bag. X was able to study each pair of feet and made great conclusions on what those feet were good for. 

The supplies for today’s Invitation to Create were so great! X has nevery worked with wax sticks before; he really enjoyed them. He decided to create chicken feet!

He used the wax sticks and pieces of toothpicks for the nails! I love how the Invitations to Create have made him so much more creative in his thinking and problem solving. When we first started doing them he would explore, but ultimately just make a mess with all of the supplies. Now he really thinks about what he’s creating!

Next up was math. Can I just say, these links have been the most played with item in our house since the beginning of the month. Both boys absolutely LOVE them. X has been able to count to 10 since he was 2, but we always make sure to review the lower numbers each month. I start with the “easy” lower numbers to build his confidence before tackling the bigger numbers we’re really working on. 

Plus, he had SO MUCH FUN trying to pick up the links with his feet. I thought this was such a great activity. Any learning opportunity where X can use his body is a hit in this house!

Once he’d used his gross motor skills, we were ready to work on those bigger numbers. 18 and 28 were the focus. 

Finally we wrapped up with a fun and silly game. X built himself a nest next to a pond.

He even utilized our library books for this unit as rocks around his pond. Then he roled our beloved Pocket Cube and acted out the different ways birds use their feet. He loved this! He add us all in stitches with his creative bird interpretations!

After nap we’ll make some bird tracks in playdough and do the #8 pages in his journal.

Such a great day with Mother Goose Time!

I received this month’s Mother Goose Time curriculum free of charge in exchange for sharing our experience and my opinions. All content and opinions are 100% mine and truly honest.

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