Learning Through Art and Music

This week we wrapped up our Birds and Eggs theme from Mother Goose Time and it has been a blast. We learned about so many different kinds of birds after learning about their body parts. X enjoyed discussing what was different and what was the same between birds and humans. 

Here he is exploring all of the ways he could use the provided materials to build bird feet. He decided he wanted his feet to be able to stand up. This added a great sculptural opportunity and a chance to explore 3D art.

He brainstormed about construction and used great problem solving skills to create a chicken foot!

I loved how we focused on each part of a bird and then moved on to the different types.

Working with a similair topic gave X a great opportunity to focus artistically on the details of each different bird. I saw his comfort with their basic shape grow, allowing him to really observe what made them unique as well as experiment with the different materials MGT provided.

When we first started doing the Invitations to Create, X went through an experimental period. He would only spend a few minutes on the project, mostly just combining all the materials and making a “mess”. It was hard, then, for me to see what he was learning from these projects; but I trusted MGT and we stuck with them. I am so happy I did. His reasoning, planning and thinking skills have really blossomed under the open ended art opportunities. He really uses his creativity now and the focus he has to complete his design is awesome.

The Invitations to Create are so beneficial for younger kids too.

Sensory experience, fine motor work and focus building are all skills that littles work on too!

MGT also provides a huge variety of music and movement activities each month. The included monthly cd is a favorite for both of my children. Daily they turn on our cd player so they can dance and play to the variety of music. 

MGT also includes activities to build projects that can be used with the cd. From ribbon dancers to rhythm shakers we have really enjoyed these Make and Play items. I also use the cd to help get their wiggles out. Either before we start school or in the middle, moving their bodies helps them focus.  

Many of the songs include lyrics that make it easy to dance and move in theme. A favorite this month was the catchy Shake Your Tail Feathers which had my kids shaking their bums all over the house. Our whole family loved the Head, Wings, Tail and Feet which was a theme aligned rendition of Head, Shoulder, Knees and Toes. We listened to this while Dada was home for lunch one day and he taught the boys how to dance to it. Mother Goose Time builds skills and helps me teach, but it also helps my family create memories.

I received this month’s Mother Goose Time curriculum free of charge in exchange for sharing our experience and my opinions. All content and opinions are 100% mine and truly honest.

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