Overview of Our Week

We’ve had such a busy week, but I wanted to pop in and share a little bit of it with you.

We’ve had unseasonably cool weather this week, it’s been feeling like actual spring! So of course we’ve spent as much time outside as we can! Between park dates, strawberry picking and zoo trips we still managed to get some school “work” done thanks to Mother Goose Time.

This month is all about bugs, which has certainly held my kids attention wonderfully! Bugs are such fascinating creatures! X worked really hard on creating an ant hill (complete with sand) and focused on making his ant colony as anatomically correct as possible. I loved seeing him focus and work so hard on this piece!

We also worked on a variety of math concepts using this awesome ant hill game. Counting, greater then and less then and even some adding was accomplished with this open ended game. My favorite activities are the ones that are so flexible. We can start out with some review and then move into more challenging work so seamlessly with many of our included games and activities.

Here’s an example on how we used the game to create an adding game. X would spin the wheel and deposit that many “ants” into the first hill. Then he’d do the same with the second. Finally we’d add the total number of ants together!

We had learned all about bees earlier in the week, so X was so excited when one decided to be his friend at the strawberry patch. The bee would just not leave him alone! We’d talked about how bees don’t try to hurt people, but will sting if they’re scared. This great base knowldege helped him be very careful of his bee friend and not scare it. Pollinators seem to be his favorite insects, so he loved seeing the bee do it’s job at the strawberry patch.

I received this month’s Mother Goose Time curriculum free of charge in exchange for sharing our experience and my opinions. All content and opinions are 100% mine and truly honest.


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