Preschool Exploration: Bug Habitats

This week with Mother Goose Time we had so much fun learning about all different kinds of bug habitats. From leaves to sand to dirt to hives, we learned about where bugs live! This encouraged great daily conversations about why certain bugs live in certain conditions and how those conditions help protect them from predators, find food, etc. 

I focused on incorporating our school concepts into play this week. I made “mud dough” which the boys have loved using for a variety of bug building and habitat creating projects (plus some cakes and cookies since it smells like chocolate!).

X even created some habitats of his own! I love the thought he put into factors like protection from predators and the weather. Each element served a purpose in his design.

Both boys eagerly hunted for this months bug manipulatives in our sandbox and then arranged them in the hive. This was such a quick activity to put together, yet they worked together for quite some time and really enjoyed it.

X happily engaged in some letter work this week. He’s really drawn by the texture of the sand and the ability to “erase” with a simple shake. 

I appreciated the MGT suggeston of using our cookie cutters (we recieved a cookie cutter of the letters of the month with each shipment, and now we have the whole set!) in the sand. We’ve never done that before and it added another level of intrigue to this activity.

Perhaps the biggest hit of the week was painting with worms! MGT included rubber worms while I added coffee grinds to brown paint. The grinds really gave the paint a true dirt texture. After the project the worms were given a bath and have been used in various play through out the week.

Math was not forgotten in this week’s curriculum. This game was particularly enjoyed. X used the spinner and then followed the tunnels on the board to find the numbers. He recorded which numbers he’d visited by coloring in one of the dots in the numbers den. So many great skills here! Number recognition, fine motor work, prewriting skills and math concepts like making charts. I love how all the MGT games work on a variety of skills!

This weekend we’re focusing on caterpillars and butterflies! We’ve been using our Caterpillar and Butterfly days from Mother Goose Time along with a great kit from Ivy Kids. Check back tomorrow to see the fun we’ve had!

I received this month’s Mother Goose Time curriculum free of charge in exchange for sharing our experience and my opinions. All content and opinions are 100% mine and truly honest.

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