Caterpillars to Moths or Butterflies with Mother Goose Time

Over the weekend we explored butterflies and moths! From eggs to caterpillars to telling the difference between a moth and a butterfly. 

We started the week learning about and building caterpillars. The kids loved these “noodles” that stick together when damp. They really enjoyed building their own caterpillars. 

Next we guessed what bugs were hiding in this adorable book. These easy readers are a hit around here. X isn’t to the point of learning site words yet, but he identifies letters and immensely enjoys these books. Using the site word pointers has made him more aware that each word is made up of different letters. 

This month he wrote his name all on his own! Normally I write it in highlighter and he goes over it in pen. But this time he proudly did it all on his own.

On the back cover he was asked to draw his favorite bug. I wasn’t surprised when he chose a bee after having a bee friend follow him while strawberry picking. I adore his illustration.

These neat builders were one of this month’s manipulatives. The boys got creative using these to build a variety of bugs; real and made up!

X was familiar with the butterfly life cycle from reading The Very Hungry Caterpillar, but I see value in a mix of new information paired with review. This life cycle dispay also brightened up our learning space (not from MGT). I love the great posters that come with the Invitation to Create as well as other learning materials. I enjoy it so much as our learning wall fills with information and beautiful images that emphasize our monthly themes.

This poster is awesome! It clearly shows the kiddos the difference between moths and butterflies. It even came with a matching game to help solidify the concepts. 

I paired our Mother Goose Time days with a box from Ivy Kids that was all about butterflies. This gave us 4 days of fun projects and learning! 

It’s been amazing to reflect on how much X has learned since we first started doing Mother Goose Time a year ago. I’m so thankful for the convenience and guidance that made our preschool year so successful. Especially while I was solo parenting due to a deployment. It gave our days direction and structure filled with fun and learning. So many memories and fire for learning have bloomed from those yellow school bus boxes. 

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