Super Heroes- Super Helpers!

August’s theme from Mother Goose Time is SUPER HEROES! We are all fans of the Heroes around here. I’ve collected comics for years, my husband and I even got married in Batman shirts. So, as expected, our littles are also pretty big fans. You can imagine our excitement when we opened our big, yellow school bus box to discover an entire month devoted to all things super!

We are also still in the throes of moving and unpacking, so we welcome the togetherness and focus that MGT carves out of our busy days. We spent our whole first week creating super hero outfits! Each day was dedicated to a piece of the uniform. I must say, putting it all together this morning was exciting for all of us. They’re so cute in their self created super hero outfits!

They spent the rest of the morning soaring around the house and exhibiting triumphant feats of strength. I LOVE seeing them this happy and involved!

 We also read an awesome comic-style book about being Super Friends and super helpers. I love how MGT applied the admirable characteristics of super heroes to every day life for kiddos. Being responsible, helpful and caring are every day super powers!

While this week HAS been all fun and games, there has also been some serious learning going on!

Our Little Journal’s this month are all about numbers and counting; with a fun super hero twist of course! X has really taken to the journals these last few months. I love being able to see his progress all in one place. While number recognition is review for him right now, the journals give him the opportunity to practice writing skills and use his creativity while also learning math skills. My creative boy loves this Art Integrated Learning style!

We also had a blast using the Look and Find spy glasses to focus on the details. Possibly my favorite part of this monthly activity is the fun extension activities that are printed on the backs of each spy glass. I love how gross motor, dramatic play and math are all integrated into this activity! 

With week one completed, we are so excited to see what SUPER fun is in store next week!!

I received this month’s Mother Goose Time curriculum free of charge in exchange for sharing our experience and my opinions. All content and opinions are 100% mine and truly honest.

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