Kindergarten Homeschool Curriculum

We had a great long weekend visiting with family, but tomorrow we will officially be starting homeschool Kindergarten! I rearranged a little since my last post, but I think I have a good setup now!

 I really debated on what I wanted this next year to look like. X is only 4.5, but is well past preschool aged knowledge. He loves doing school and wants to dig deeper. We’ve been doing Mother Goose Time for over a year now and have really loved it. Originally I’d planned on only doing MGT with Q and doing something different for kindergarten with X. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized there are so many parts of the Mother Goose Time curriculum that X would want to do too. The themes for this year are so great, I knew he’d love them. So I decided to use it for kindergarten and expand on the core subjects a little more. Here is a look at what we’ll be using in addition to our MGT for September.

X has been very interested in the workings of the body. I was thrilled when I saw that September’s theme is My Body. Here are the on-theme items I’m using to expand on this theme:

This 4ft floor puzzle has the skeleton on one side and the organs and muscles on the other.

This is a magnetic puzzle from Melissa and Doug that shows bones, veins, muscles, organs, etc. (This is anatomically correct for both boy and girl.)

X was so excited about this awesome lift the flap book. He’s been flipping through it on his own.

These are mini 3-D models of the organs. I was excited to find these from Safari LTD Toobz. We’ll be using them for a variety of games.

This is a coloring book, but is also a great reference book!

That’s all the fun stuff we’ll be using this month in addition to the MGT curriculum. Now here are a few items we’ll be using all year.

I’m really excited to start Math-U-See. It’s a math program that uses manipulatives. It will be an easy transition from MGT for us. X is so hands on, I think this will be great!

X is so ready to read! This is the program we’ll be using.

X loves any excuse to cut, so I think these projects will be really fun.

X loves mazes and I love the critical thinking skills he’ll be building. It will be fun to work these in to our school time.

This is a series of 4 workbooks that build critical thinking skills. X actually really likes workbooks, so I think he’ll enjoy these games.

Lastly, we’ll be building math skills using our Spielgaben as well. X loves using and building with all the loose parts!

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