The Senses with Mother Goose Time

This month had been such a great start to the year. X has loved learning all about the body. I wanted to share a few of the awesome activities we did with Mother Goose Time while learning about the 5 senses. The boys just loved learning all about their sense of smell. We made flowers and built gardens. They really enjoyed digging in and creating their garden. I loved how X taught Q about patterns and how well they cooperated. I considered giving them seperate bins of dirt, but I’m glad I didn’t. They worked great together and we’re more creative.

Q worked on some color matching and X was all about the patterns. This additional skill work was completely self motivated by them both. It’s so cool when they expand on an activity all on their own.

They also decided their garden needed some grass. This activity held their attention for over 30 minutes.

Next we moved on to creating flowers that had a scent!

They applied scented gelatin mixed with water. It created a good scent and a fun texture.

They enjoyed the opportunity to get creative and use a medium they’d never explored before.

Next we moved on the the I Can Read book for this month. It features an adorable skunk. X enjoyed using the pointers and used the space provided at the end to practice his writing. I was so impressed with his writing skills! Here are a few more highlights from learning about our senses!

Both boys just loved this sand painting activity!

Q loved the texture and X enjoyed pouring and mixing colors.

I put this phonics matching game together to help X work on the letter sounds. He really enjoyed this hands on approach!

This month has been so much fun, but we just can’t wait to start learning about weather!

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