Weather and Changing Seasons with Mother Goose Time

October’s Mother Goose Time theme is all about Weather and Seasons! I’ve been really looking forward to this unit. X has shown a lot of interest in how weather works- especially after Hurricane Irma.

Today we started off with Day 1: Sun. We had an illuminating discussion about how the earth spins to create night and day.

X decided he wanted to make a sculpture instead of using the included materials to make a sun.

Next they both worked on the pattern mats using shape links to create a sun and a cloud.

Q moved on to some color matching while X worked in his More Litteracy workbook. I was so thankful to have something more challenging for X to work on while Q worked on his colors.

X really loves workbooks, I guess I lucked out!

Q worked quite a while matching the links to the colored suns. By using the cards flat (instead of in the cube) Q could work solo.

I love any unit themes that I can easily expand on for X. This was deffinitely one of those. Firstly we get MGT’s More Math and More Litteracy workbooks. These are such a great resource! They have phonics, writing practice, games and more advanced math concepts. I can’t wait to share more about these later in the week.

I also found this fun science kit online.

Using the Alex Ready, Set, Bodies! kit last month added a great element to our days. I think X will be excited to dig into these awesome science experiments.

I also found these Usbourne books to go along with our theme:

X loves these lift the flap books. They provide the perfect amount of science and facts for his current learning level.

My kids are book worms, so the more books to support our theme the better!

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