Experience More Litteracy: Weather and Changing Seasons

I considered having X do a full on Kindergarten curriculum. But the more planning I did, the more I realized that there were so many aspects of Mother Goose Time that he would want to do alongside Q. I finally decided on expanding the MGT curriculum. I would add activities to challenge X and keep him learning while following the themes for MGT and having him do the activities that he’d enjoy. The next step was figuring out how to expand on the curriculum and deciding what I needed to add. I knew X needed more advanced math, literacy and science aspects. I was so excited when I realized that Mother Goose Time could take care of the math and Literacy aspects for me! The ability to use this curriculum with a variety of ages has always impressed me, and now it could go a step further.

At first I was a little skeptical. Could 2 workbooks keep X engaged and learning? Then I realized these are NOT ordinary workbooks.

These pages are filled with games, coloring, critical thinking and FUN. X loves to cut and the Experience More Literacy book provides him with many opportunities to do so.

Today he got to cut and staple his own little book. He is constantly making books on his own, so this project was perfect for him. Meanwhile he worked on recognizing letters and exploring the sound of the letter C.

I’m excited to keep this little book for him to triumphantly read on his own as we progress with his reading skills.

There is a focus on the months letters. They are presented in such a variety of ways that connections are solidly made. These books are so well thought out!

But it doesn’t stop at writing, phonics and emergent reader skills- it works on critical thinking and creating stories of their own! X loves creating his own stories. He’s really going to enjoy the opportunity to problem solve and illustrate with this story prompt. I can’t wait to see what he comes up with!

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