Autumn is Here!

This month with Mother Goose Time has been such a blast! The boys have loved learning all about Weather and the seasons. As we’re in the midst of Autumn (though unseasonably warm) we took advantage of a nice crisp morning to go on a leaf hunt!

They absolutely loved using the sponge and the leaf stencil. I loved how tactile it was. This Invitation to Create gave the boys an opportunity to explore a familiar medium like paint in a new way.

I also used this as an opportunity to review (with X) and introduce (to Q) color mixing. This was a perfect activity for creating Orange!

I was honestly surprised at the wide variety of trees on our property. That gave us the chance to explore so many different kinds of leaves.

Q and I also had a review of large, medium and small.

The boys worked hard putting the real leaves onto the tree. X used this as an opportunity to work on some addition.

X expanded on the drawing prompt at the end of the I Can Read book by adding a Spring tree in addition to his Winter tree. I enjoy how he made sure to include the roots.

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