Building Concentration and Focus in Young Children

My husband is plagued by ADHD and I’m a serial multi-tasker. While I manage to follow most tasks through to completion, I can see how beneficial it would be to focus more closely on less tasks at once. Being acutely aware of these traits, I am always eager to find activities for my children that promote focus, concentration and attention to detail.

This month Mother Goose Time included tanagrams as one of our manipulatives. The tanagram activity during our Day 2: Roots lesson was just the ticket. The block size and how easily they could get bumped out of place on the mat was a huge fine motor challenge for Q. But he accepted the challenge, working slowly and with great focus.

He was SO PRPUD after completing each design!

X worked through them pretty quickly, but spent a significant amount of time creating his own design.

Each element had a purpose. He used a variety of descriptive language to explain his design.

It’s amazing how simple activities can really slow us down and give us an opportunity to focus.

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