Using Art to Teach a Varied Age Group

Today with Mother Goose Time we learned all about Lily Pads. Both boys loved the open ended Invitation to Create materials. Q has really been focusing on drawing circles and has loved cutting paper. The Lily Pad photo was a great prompt to review the color green and gave him the opportunity to draw a bunch of lily pad circles. Afterwards he went to town cutting up his tissue paper. The tissue presented a little bit of a challenge as its much less sturdy then normal paper, so he really had to focus and use his dexterity. In the end did he have something resembling a lily pad and lotus flower? No. But the amount he learned, practiced and focused on was so worth while. Open ended art is such a great opportunity for children to work on the skills they’re currently developing. X, on the other hand, was interested in recreating the photo as closely as he could. This incouraged his observation skills! He’d never colored on tissue paper before and was really pleased with how he could blend the marker colors. This project also gave us the perfect opportunity to discuss the structure and needs of plants growing on the surface of water. X was fascinated that their roots reached waaaay down into the dirt under the water! He was so proud of the end result, and it is deffinitely beautiful. I’m so happy that MGT has encouraged us to move away from adult led crafts to allowing my boys to be truly creative and innovative with the Inspiration to Create activities.

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