Pen Control and Advanced Math for Preschool

X has been loving our Mother Goose Time Experience More Math and Experience More Litteracy add-on workbooks. He gets really excited about how they encorporate the monthly theme.

I love how important concepts are reviewed and expanded upon to keep him learning on his current level.

It also pushes him to work on skills he’s not quite as comfortable with. He loves adding. He gets a little frusterated when he’s trying to write his numbers, though. This page was a great balance for him. He was excited to practice addition, which helped him focus on writing his numbers.

Pen control is such an important skill to develop at this age, I’m so thankful that even though it’s a math book, it is a strong focus through out. X loves to draw, so the balance of focused pen control practice and creative opportunity is perfect for him.

The pages are also short enough that they don’t over extend his focus and push him to get frustrated. Some days he’s excited and completes multiple pages. But on days where he may be struggling a little, he can complete one short activity.

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