Mushroom Math

I wanted to share this awesome activity that we did earlier this month from Mother Goose Time. Mushroom Math! This was so much fun!

First the boys colored the caps to the mushrooms and attached a variety of different length stems. I always love projects they can partially do together. After they’d completed building their mushrooms I gave them so playdough for the mushrooms to grow in.

Q focused on the fine motor aspect of the project. It also gave us an opportunity to discuss smallest to largest and putting things in order. He also did some counting review.

X was able to use this project to practice addition! This was such a fabulous visual and hands on approach to learning to add.

He spent so much time using this project to work on his addition. Then he joined in some mushroom free play with his brother.

The test of a great activity is if a 2 year old and an almost 5 year old can both build skills and have fun from the same activity. This passes that test with flying colors!!

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