Super Heroes- Super Helpers!

August’s theme from Mother Goose Time is SUPER HEROES! We are all fans of the Heroes around here. I’ve collected comics for years, my husband and I even got married in Batman shirts. So, as expected, our littles are also pretty big fans. You can imagine our excitement when we opened our big, yellow school bus box to discover an entire month devoted to all things super!

We are also still in the throes of moving and unpacking, so we welcome the togetherness and focus that MGT carves out of our busy days. We spent our whole first week creating super hero outfits! Each day was dedicated to a piece of the uniform. I must say, putting it all together this morning was exciting for all of us. They’re so cute in their self created super hero outfits!

They spent the rest of the morning soaring around the house and exhibiting triumphant feats of strength. I LOVE seeing them this happy and involved!

 We also read an awesome comic-style book about being Super Friends and super helpers. I love how MGT applied the admirable characteristics of super heroes to every day life for kiddos. Being responsible, helpful and caring are every day super powers!

While this week HAS been all fun and games, there has also been some serious learning going on!

Our Little Journal’s this month are all about numbers and counting; with a fun super hero twist of course! X has really taken to the journals these last few months. I love being able to see his progress all in one place. While number recognition is review for him right now, the journals give him the opportunity to practice writing skills and use his creativity while also learning math skills. My creative boy loves this Art Integrated Learning style!

We also had a blast using the Look and Find spy glasses to focus on the details. Possibly my favorite part of this monthly activity is the fun extension activities that are printed on the backs of each spy glass. I love how gross motor, dramatic play and math are all integrated into this activity! 

With week one completed, we are so excited to see what SUPER fun is in store next week!!


Creating Calm During Big Changes

Let’s be honest, parenting is hard. Parenting through big life changes, is even harder.

We’ve been moving this week. That means busy and stressed out Mama and Dada, no rhythm, a new house, missed naps, less time to connect, waaaay more screen time then they’re used to, exhaustion… the list could go on. All of these factors play into heightened levels of emotion and stress; for all of us. It’s been a rocky few days. Whiney and defiant kids; distracted, busy and less then patient parents and the circle just keeps going around and around.

But today is the day. Today I regain my footing, today I move towards reestablishing our rhythm. Today I stopped unpacking, I stopped cleaning, I stopped making to-do and to-get lists and today we returned to our Mother Goose Time lessons. Today I let Q cover the dinning room in a coat of flour because it was an amazing sensory experience for him and I could see his concentration. Today I took a deep breath and colored superhero shields to use to deflect well aimed cotton balls. Today I complimented X on his concentration and how much his writing skills have improved. But most of all, today I reconnected with my children. I let go of my stress for 3 hours and was entirely present while playing and teaching my kiddos. And for 3 hours there was no frustration, no crying, no whiney kids. There was only concentration, connection, learning, absorboring and most importantly- togetherness. The piles to be unpacked will still be there. The lists that need to be made can wait. 

My children, however, really need me this morning. 


Week in Review

Holy Moly! This week has been a doozy. We’re packing and gearing up to move out to our soon to be homestead! Everyone is excited and with excitement comes a touch of crazy when it comes to preschoolers and toddlers. Most of our house is packed up, including our books and toys, so I’ve been SO thankful to have our Mother Goose Time curriculum to pull out and focus the boys.

This Camping unit has been so much fun! We have a camping trip planned for this fall, so X is so excited to explore these ideas through school!

The games this month have been so great! There has been a game almost every day. From phonics to math, we’ve explored so many concepts while having fun!

As always, the art and craft projects didn’t disappoint either!

How have you kept your kiddos busy this summer?


Big Concepts for Small Hands

I feel like many of us underestimate young children. I’m really glad¬†Mother Goose Time¬†doesn’t!

This month our Mother Goose Time curriculum has covered some big and complicated topics, but they’ve made them relatable and comprehensible for preschool aged kiddos.

This was X’s first introduction to the names of 3-D shapes. I loved the exposure to these beginning geometry concepts! I am consistently impressed with the manipulatives we recieve each month. I’d actually been considering buying a set of these on my own, but they came right with our curriculum!

We discussed constellations and how ambient light can reduce the number of stars we see. X was very excited about this. It was good timing also because he’s been finding shapes and pictures in the clouds lately. This gave him a new idea for discovering stories in the sky!

He also carried his 3-D shape lesson into his journaling. He created a “pyramid” of sticks for his fire. MGT naturally presents so many opportunities for cross concept learning. The hands-on approach to learning really helps X grasp the bigger concepts and use them in every day life.

To build on our Stars lesson I gave the boys a great sensory play opportunity by making galaxy slime. They loved it!

The leftover glitter from our Invitation to Create added a new texture and the foam stars from our constellation lesson added so much depth to the level of play.


Learning Letters with Mother Goose Time

In my last post I mentioned how I had been excited for Alphabet Island because we’re really focusing on X learning all his letters- by name and by sound. We’re hoping to start on some reading lessons come fall. So I was BEYOND excited when I opened up July’s box from Mother Goose Time (which is a Camping theme) and discovered that it is also a full review of the alphabet!

These alphabet cards are adorable! I was so thankful I had an extra set to display for the whole month. The second set will be used daily in the adorable alphabet journal.

Each day X will cut out the letter of the day and use it in his journal. It also has a ton of bonus writing practice.

Here’s how we’ll be using the cards in the journal. So great! July is going to be a blast!


Wrapping Up Alphabet Island

This month has been a whirlwind, but I’ve been happy we’ve had the opportunity to calm the storm and find our center with Mother Goose Time. I’ve been anticipating this alphabet review as X will be starting a homeschool Kindergarten program in September. I wanted to use this month to make sure he was feeling confident with all of his letters. This also helped keep us on track despite birthdays, trying to buy a house and good friends preparing to move cross country. 

X loves everything pirates, so he was on board with this month’s theme (HarHarHar pun intended). We reviewed shapes and colors with a fun treasure came. This was just one of the many games we enjoyed this month!

We also got to learn about balance on our Surfing day! This was such a fun challenge for them!

The alphabet coloring book was a great addition this month. It inspired a whole variety of conversations and questions. It also kept X busy while I was prepping other activities for the day.

Next month is alllll about camping and we can’t wait!


Our Week with Mother Goose Time

We have been so crazy busy lately! We’re trying to buy a house and it’s summer and some of our best friends are moving away and grandparents have been visiting… These are the weeks that I’m SO thankful that I have Mother Goose Time. Not only has it made it easy to get school done during this busy time, but it’s given us an opportunity to calm the chaos, focus, and learn TOGETHER. My kids thrive on togetherness, and when things get too hectic, they struggle. But having Mother Goose Time as an anchor to bring us together every day, they’ve been doing awesome!