Re-Play Tableware: Review and Giveaway!!

A few years back I did some extensive reading on the safety of plastic. X was getting to the age where plastic dishes would be super helpful, but are they safe? I learned that milk jugs are made from a safe plastic. It doesn’t leach chemicals or react with heat. 

Flash forward to a couple of weeks ago and imagine how excited I was to find a company that makes children’s dishware from this safe plastic! I needed to get my hands on some! The great people at Re-Play sent me a whole set to review for you guys.

But first I’d like to talk a little bit about the company. Re-Play collects and recycles milk jugs to create their awesome tableware. To date they have saved over 12,000,000 milk jugs from going into landfills! Their eco efforts don’t stop there. This family owned business keeps all aspects of their operation close together to reduce the total miles (and fuel) their products travel. This also means that they are an entirely USA based company! Their cardboard packing is also recycled and kept very minimal to reduce waste.

Re-Play strives to fulfill 5 Tenets of Responsibility: Sustainability, Affordability, Functionality, Durability and Safety.
Safety is a huge factor for me and I was thrilled to see that not only do they source a safe plastic, they extensively test it to make sure only the best product is coming to their customers. This tableware is BPA, BPS, PVC, lead, phthalates and melamine free. In addition these products surpass FDA and EU purity standards.

So now that you know what a great company they are, let’s talk about the tableware!

X has been asking for weeks for a divided plate. He doesn’t like his food to touch. I love the sizing on this divided plate. There’s plenty of room for his meal. The cups are well sized to fit in a child’s hand but hold a good amount of drink. The outside of the plastic is textured so it’s not slippery, but all food surfaces are smooth- which make them a breeze to clean! The bowl is deep enough for cereal or soup but just the right size for kids to handle. 

Honestly I was the most skeptical about the silverware. I haven’t met a plastic fork that actually works and most kids spoons are so flat that they’re useless. This was not the case! The fork is sized and shaped so well that even Q (who is 13 months old) can use it with ease. The spoon also has a generous dip, so food stays on it and makes it to their mouth!

The sippy cup has proven to be leak proof despite the fact that Q likes to throw his cups once he’s done. It also has a small valve system with only 1 piece to remove for cleaning. This makes it super easy to keep clean and reassemble. Did I mention everything is dishwasher safe? With my husband deployed, dishwasher safe is a MUST for us right now. 

Possibly my favorite piece in the collection is the snack cup. It fits a good amount of food, but is small enough to throw in your purse or fit easily into a lunchbox. It’s so easy to use. X loves to fill it and screw on the cap before we head out on our adventures. I have a few exciting recipes I’m going to be posting soon featuring this great little cup!

When they say Duribility, they’re not joking. There’s an amazing clip on their Instagram of a car running over the divided plate!

The colors, oh my gosh, the colors. Re-Play tableware comes in a litteral rainbow of beautiful, bright colors.  I also love that you can buy a single plate, a set of tableware or a whole stack of bowls. They make shopping easy and give lots of options. 

I love our Re-Play tableware and I’m so excited to offer you all a chance to win a full set!! Head over to the CareCraftCook instagram to enter to win! But the fun doesn’t stop there! I also have a great discount code to offer you! Use 

code: CareCraftCook2016 

To receive 15% off a purchase of $20 or more this week!! They also have a lot of great deals happening right now and just released there featured color for August which is a fun lime green!

You can purchase through their website, Target, Walmart and even Amazon. Their quality is above and beyond their great price point and they have amazing ethics to match.

You can keep up with Re-Play and all of their fun by following the links to their Facebook page, InstagramTwitter and Pinterest.



Yum yums: Starting Solids

While at the farmer’s market last week I discovered a 3 lb bag of “seconds” carrots (ie: ugly carrots) at my favorite organic stand, for a discounted price. I snatched them up, knowing they were destined for baby food.
I baked some and steamed most. I wanted to provide a variety of flavor and texture. My first steamed batch I used the food processor which made a “chunky” more grainy texture. Which will Probably be good once he gets used to eating, but not so much right when he starts off. The next steamed batch I put in the blender, which created the smooth, classic baby food texture. The baked carrots I put through the food processor as they’d been baked in olive oil and I planned to use them further along in his culinary adventures.
I froze everything in my Tovolo silicone ice cube trays, which make perfect 1 ounce cubes and stored them in well labeled freezer bags.

Things I learned:
-I need more then 2 cube trays. It took the baby food much longer to freeze then I expected. I shall be ordering more from amazon soon.
-when steaming veggies, don’t let the pot run out of water. It smells and makes a horrible mess of the pot.

Tomorrow I’m hoping to scout out some organic peaches as they’re in season. I’m going to have a freezer full before baby X even starts eating!




My Thoughts Exactly: A Primal Diet Approach To Starting Solids

I’m not one of those lucky moms whose baby weight has just fallen off. That being said, continuing to breast feed X is much more important to me then fitting in a size 2. So what is a momma to do when dieting (ie: cutting calories) isn’t an option and showers are hard to come by, nevermind the gym? Changing the way I eat was the logical answer for me. I was a vegan for years. It wasn’t about animal rights for me, but was about wellness and how I felt. My nutritional needs now are significantly different then they were then. I struggle to get enough iron and I don’t think a vegan diet would work for me at this point in my life.
A friend is an avid Paleo eater and a lot he had to say made a lot of sense. Another friend has recently lost some weight and increased energy using the Primal Blueprint diet. She sent me some links and I started reading. This leads me to the link I’d like to share with you today. The Primal take on baby nutrition almost exactly follows my views on feeding X, right down to choosing avocado as X’s first food when the time comes. Primally Feeding Babies
So I think I may get back to my genetic roots and give this primal diet a chance.


Om Nom Nom

Yesterday we took a very enjoyable trip to the farmers market. I excitedly purchased the raw milk farmers cheese we discovered last year but couldn’t have because I was pregnant. The size of the market and the number of vendors has increased so much since last season! Very exciting to see. I spoke briefly with the market manager about having a tent next year when I return from Maine. That means I need to get my craft on these next 11 months!
I purchased an all natural diaper cream that doesn’t negatively effect the absorbency nor stain cloth diapers. this inspired the purchase of 6 more cloth diapers. X is getting closer to being a fully cloth diapered baby every day.
I find the progress of the farmers market really promising. Moving here was difficult for me. Organic food is expensive and often hard to come by here. I couldn’t find a prenatal yoga class to take while I was pregnant. Locally owned shops and restaurants are scarce, being an area with mostly chain dining and big box mega stores. There’s a Starbucks on every corner, but I’ve only found one local coffee shop. This is all very different from the Eco and health conscious town I moved from in Maine where local business is thriving. But the farmers market gives me hope. The progress of downtown gives me hope as well. There are a few like minded people here and hopefully this community will thrive and grow.
All of the fresh produce was so beautiful. I must admit, I can’t wait for X to start eating solids. I’m going to make my own baby food and am really looking forward to coming up with recipes and seeing what he likes. He will be 4 months in less then 2 weeks, but I’m going to wait the 6 months. I know the health benefits of waiting. Who would have thought that after 28 years this little man would finally teach me patients.
Shortly I’m heading back to Maine for a year. X and I will be staying with my grandmother. They just started a new farmers market right across the street. As soon as I get there I’m going to start buying fresh, organic produce and filling the freezer with baby food. I’ll be sure to document my process once I start.