My Thoughts Exactly: A Primal Diet Approach To Starting Solids

I’m not one of those lucky moms whose baby weight has just fallen off. That being said, continuing to breast feed X is much more important to me then fitting in a size 2. So what is a momma to do when dieting (ie: cutting calories) isn’t an option and showers are hard to come by, nevermind the gym? Changing the way I eat was the logical answer for me. I was a vegan for years. It wasn’t about animal rights for me, but was about wellness and how I felt. My nutritional needs now are significantly different then they were then. I struggle to get enough iron and I don’t think a vegan diet would work for me at this point in my life.
A friend is an avid Paleo eater and a lot he had to say made a lot of sense. Another friend has recently lost some weight and increased energy using the Primal Blueprint diet. She sent me some links and I started reading. This leads me to the link I’d like to share with you today. The Primal take on baby nutrition almost exactly follows my views on feeding X, right down to choosing avocado as X’s first food when the time comes. Primally Feeding Babies
So I think I may get back to my genetic roots and give this primal diet a chance.


Om Nom Nom

Yesterday we took a very enjoyable trip to the farmers market. I excitedly purchased the raw milk farmers cheese we discovered last year but couldn’t have because I was pregnant. The size of the market and the number of vendors has increased so much since last season! Very exciting to see. I spoke briefly with the market manager about having a tent next year when I return from Maine. That means I need to get my craft on these next 11 months!
I purchased an all natural diaper cream that doesn’t negatively effect the absorbency nor stain cloth diapers. this inspired the purchase of 6 more cloth diapers. X is getting closer to being a fully cloth diapered baby every day.
I find the progress of the farmers market really promising. Moving here was difficult for me. Organic food is expensive and often hard to come by here. I couldn’t find a prenatal yoga class to take while I was pregnant. Locally owned shops and restaurants are scarce, being an area with mostly chain dining and big box mega stores. There’s a Starbucks on every corner, but I’ve only found one local coffee shop. This is all very different from the Eco and health conscious town I moved from in Maine where local business is thriving. But the farmers market gives me hope. The progress of downtown gives me hope as well. There are a few like minded people here and hopefully this community will thrive and grow.
All of the fresh produce was so beautiful. I must admit, I can’t wait for X to start eating solids. I’m going to make my own baby food and am really looking forward to coming up with recipes and seeing what he likes. He will be 4 months in less then 2 weeks, but I’m going to wait the 6 months. I know the health benefits of waiting. Who would have thought that after 28 years this little man would finally teach me patients.
Shortly I’m heading back to Maine for a year. X and I will be staying with my grandmother. They just started a new farmers market right across the street. As soon as I get there I’m going to start buying fresh, organic produce and filling the freezer with baby food. I’ll be sure to document my process once I start.