Fine Motor Fun: Posting Activities for One Year Olds

We love some good fine motor work around here. I especially love activities that are quick and inexpensive to put together. I wanted to make a quick post today showing you 3 fine motor activities I made for Q. All together they cost $4. I bought the supplied at Dollar Tree, but you could easily find similair items at the grocery store, dollar store or Walmart.

The supplies:

6 pack of square plastic containers with lids

Pack of ping pong balls

10 pack of mini round containers with lids

Empty puffs container

Pack of craft sticks

That’s it. I cut a circle in the lid of one container to be used with the ping pong balls. I cut a slit in the lid of one square plastic container for the lids from the mini round containers to fit through. Then I cut an even smaller slit in the lid of the puffs container for the craft sticks to fit through. I used the puffs container because it’s taller, thus easier for Q because the sticks don’t get all jammed up.

Any containers you have around the house could easily work too. Empty coffee or sandwich meat containers would work great! 

Even though this group of activities cost a mere $4 and only took a few seconds to put together it is Q’s go to activity. He will sit for extended periods of time doing these over and over and over. Kids have a natural instinct to work on important skills, it doesn’t take much convincing for them to practice their pincer grasp and hand eye coordination! 


Montessori Baby: Observations

One of the biggest “rules” of Montessori is observing the child. Not only giving them the freedom to explore, experiment and learn; but observe them doing so. Which in turn gives you insight as to activities or materials you can suggest to them that are within their path of exploration. This is a concept I’m trying to strongly implement in raising baby X. I will periodically record my observations here.
The biggest lesson and challenge for me is following his lead. While I may want him to focus on shape sorting, forcing him to do so will gain us no ground. He won’t advance with shape sorting and we’ll miss the opportunity for him to advance in the areas HE is focused on.

X’s current areas of focus:
A. Gross motor skills (crawling/climbing)
B. Eating and drinking
C. Pincher grasp
D. Nature observation
E. Babbling

Activities to help him develop these skills:
-Provide obstacles and things to pull up on. (A)
-Encourage self feeding. (B, C)
-Provide small cup for drinking (B)
-Make stacking cups and other toys that encourage pincher grasp available (C)
-Colorful rubber bands around a bottle (C)
-Daily walks (D)
-Time to handle grass/leaves/etc. (D)
-Read books daily (E)
-Engage in conversational exchanges, ask questions and repeat sounds back (E)