Furthering Learning with Supplemental Activities for Down on the Farm with Mother Goose Time

I was so excited when I learned our Mother Goose Time theme for the month of October was going to be Down on the Farm. There is a pretty strong love for anything farm related around here. I knew this would be a great opportunity to expand on our curriculum and create some opportunities for extra fun and extra integrated learning. 

Yesterday we took our yearly trip to the local Steed’s Dairy. They’re only open during October and November, so I was very pleased that the farm theme was October. We utilized the petting zoo to review some of the fun things we’d learned about farm animals in our first week. They had lots of baby animals this year, which was particularly exciting!

We also took a tour through the corn maze. A great opportunity to explore corn plants up close! X was very fascinated by how tall they were and how the corn grows from the sides of the stalk. 

We also have enjoyed playing in our hay pool this month!

This amazing sensory experience has provided hours of fun and some really creative uses for hay!

We’ve been reading the Fantastic Mr. Fox by Roald Dahl. We’ve gotten some great laughs and interesting conversations about the silly farmers! This book has also provided some great opportunities to discuss generosity and determination (we learned about these back in July with MGT!).

We’ve enjoyed our Down on the Farm unit so much that the first 5 days of curriculum have taken us 2 weeks. I love when this happens! It may throw off our schedule, but it shows me how involved and excited X is about what we’re learning. 

He worked on his scissor and pasting skills creating his cow mask during Day 5’s Make and Play.

Some letter C identification using this classic rhyme and our beloved cow manipulatives. 

More letter C work and some great fine motor practice building pens for the cows. He also worked on differentiating large and small and spacial estimating by building different sized pens. Independently he decided to make pens of different shapes, so he even got some shape building and recognition during this activity!

He was fascinated by the fact that wool comes from Sheep and all of the different things we can use it for. This was a topic we discussed again while we were visiting the sheep at Steed’s Dairy!

The first week was so full of amazing activities. I’m really glad that, with a little extra planning, we were able to expand our learning through this theme. X and I are both looking forward to what the rest of Down on the Farm has to teach us!

I received this month’s Mother Goose Time curriculum free of charge in exchange for sharing our experience and my opinions. All content and opinions are 100% mine and truly honest.


Fall Sensory Table

It’s FINALLY starting to feel a little bit like fall here! Our days are in the mid 70s to low 80s and we can get outside without melting. For the past 2 months or so our sensory table has been used for its original purpose: water. I’ve been lazy and X loves water. This weekend I was ready to get back to some sensory play though!
Colored rice, fake leaves and gourds from Dollar Tree, a few scoops and a basket. X has been playing for over an hour and I’m writing my first ever blog post while he’s awake.
It was actually nice taking a break from our sensory table and seeing how his skills and interests have grown over the past few weeks. Today he was really into scooping and filling containers. He was decorating our patio with the gourds. He was playing with a purpose. Before he would just touch whatever material it was and then dump a bunch on the ground and get bored fairly quickly. While I realize these were still important experiences, it was kind of frustrating spending time, energy and creativity on projects that only briefly held his attention. Our fall sensory table was much more fulfilling for me. Though yes, I know it’s not about me đŸ˜‰
This came together easily with a little planning. I colored the rice a few days ago because it needs time to dry. You could use plain rice if you’re short on time or do more then two colors if you have extra time (hahaha! What mom has EXTRA time?!?) other then the rice (which I buy in bulk) and the scoops and baskets I already had, this cost me $5 at Dollar Tree. NOT BAD! Who says sensory play has to be expensive?? Plus I plan to repurpose the silk leaves and gourds for color matching later this week. I bought 3 packages of gourds (red, yellow and green) and two packs of leaves (red/green and yellow/green). I was really excited that the color tones were the same for the gourds and leaves, I love anything I can use in multiple activities. Earlier in the season I looked at fake gourds in a craft shop and they were $6 a bag and didn’t have a variety of colors. I’m really happy I’m cheap and waited until I found a better deal.
What fun activities have your little ones been doing this fall?