Montessori Baby: Observations 2

Baby X has changed so much since my last post! We’ve been having a blast, which hasn’t left much time for blogging. Here are my current observations of things he’s currently working on and activities to help him along.

X has discovered music! He bounces and dances to the beat; sings along.
– play music daily
– sing songs together
– add a variety of music but also repeat favorites
– small hand held instruments
– dance together
– tap out rhythms on or near him
– clap rhythms together

Books! X is very interested in his books lately. He’ll also sit through reading multiple books before getting bored or distracted.
– read! Read! Read! Every day.
– point to objects in books and name them (colors, shapes, animals) to further promote language development.
– leave board books accessible to him to handle and play with.

Gross motor skills. I think walking for X is right around the corner. He’s progressing so quickly.
– lots of time and space to move!
– walking while holding hands
– access to furniture to pull up on
– pillows on the floor to climb on ad over